Reviews and Ratings Verified by Payments on a Blockchain

August 16, 2017

We present a decentralised payments and reputation system that recognizes vendors for delivering goods and services. Payments made are accompanied by ratings and reviews and these can be verified by anyone the vendor grants permission to do so - in all other cases the reputation and payments remain private to the vendor.

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Chlu Protocol for wallets and libraries

October 3, 2017

Chlu requires customer and vendor wallets to provide functionality that enables customers and vendors to leave reviews, edit them later and share them if they want to.

The Chlu protocol specifies the behaviours that wallet providers need to build to provide support for Chlu reputation on their wallet. The protocol specifies the format of messages and when and how the messages are to be exchanged, where the data is to be saved and how this data should be interpreted by wallets.

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