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Decentralized Ratings and Reviews validated by proof of payment on blockchain
Search for businesses, products and services that you can truly trust

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Chlu (pronounced clue) means reputation in Irish

The Problem: Search For Products and Services is Broken

Finding businesses, products and services that we can truly trust, is a complicated, fragmented and unsolved problem.

  • Where exactly are these reviews coming from? Can they be trusted?
  • 40% of product searches today actually start on Amazon, not Google.
  • Online reputation based on traditional reviews and ratings has been proven to be open to massive manipulation.

Chlu solves the Search problem by first solving the Reputation problem

Chlu Addresses Current Reputation Problems

Online reputation management is deeply flawed, for example:

  1. It’s too easy to manipulate the current systems.

    Because ratings have real world financial consequences, there are substantial incentives to cheat the system and game your reputation or the reputation of competitors.

  2. Reputation isn’t portable, instead it is locked inside many individual walled gardens; your reputation on eBay is meaningless on Amazon.

    There is huge value in having your reputation established and portable across all ecosystems, and having no single organization be the gatekeeper that must be trusted. The future is trustless!

System Required Proof of Purchase Walled Garden
Chlu Yes No
Amazon Optional Yes
Ebay Yes Yes
UpWork Yes Yes
Etsy Yes Yes
Shopify Third-Party Trust Yes
Google Seller Ratings Third-Party Trust Yes
Yelp No Yes

Chlu solves these problems by offering a truly open, trustless, free to use reputation system that is backed by payments received on blockchains. There is no charge apart from the small fee paid to the blockchain miners (gas). The system is open to use for anyone and portable across all marketplaces.

Chlu Reputation Features

  • Feedback tied to payments

    Proof of Payment: Customers can leave feedback only if they made a payment to the vendor.

  • Verified Payments

    Proof of Payment Requested: Every payment made can be verified as a response to a payment request from the vendor.

  • Zero Fees

    The only fees in the system are those charged by blockchain miners.

  • Private Feedback

    Feedback is private to the vendor. Vendors can share their reputation with any marketplace, including their own websites.

  • All or Nothing Reputation

    Vendors can not selectively hide a review. Once they share their reputation with a marketplace their entire history is available to the marketplace.

  • Multiple Reputation Scores

    Marketplaces are free to compute their reputation score for a vendor using all Chlu data available.

  • Open Access

    Anyone can use the reputation system as a vendor, customer or marketplace. No central authority controls access to the platform. Chlu is decentralized

  • Extensible

    Marketplaces can store detailed customer reviews using an extensible storage format and aren’t limited by a predefined review data structure. This is similar to the way NoSQL presents data to users.

Chlu Reputation for Vendors

  • Build a reputation backed by payments made directly to you
  • Keep your reputation history public or share only with the marketplaces you choose
  • Build your reputation from your trading activity across all marketplaces
  • Get paid over blockchain, for near instant payments and low fees. (Chlu does not charge any commission fees)

Reputation’s Walled Garden Problem

The Past

  • All trade history is locked inside walled gardens
  • Acme Inc. struggles to trade on different marketplaces

The Future

  • Permanent history of trades
  • Accessible to anyone with permission from Acme Inc.
  • Owned by Acme Inc., not the marketplace

How Chlu Reputation Works

No trusted entity required

  1. Vendor creates payment request and shares it with the customer. All reputation data on Chlu must be backed by this payment request.
  2. Customer clicks on payment request link to open their Chlu wallet.
  3. Customer makes a payment.
  4. The payment processor makes the payment through blockchain
  5. The payment request is saved along with the payment transaction ID.
  6. Customer leaves feedback for vendor once item is received.
  7. Each review is saved on an immutable, decentralised system and is backed by the proof of payment that is in turn backed by a proof of payment request.
  8. Feedback is shared with all the marketplaces the vendor has enabled access for.

Chlu Token Economy

  1. Tokens generated by customers writing reviews and ratings
  2. Amount rewarded is inversely proportional to total volume of written reviews in that hour
  3. Tokens also generated when vendors receive payments
  4. To maintain liquidity Chlu automatically and transparently balances ad spend vs. reward for writing reviews on an hourly basis

Developer Ecosystem

An open source ecosystem supported by protocols published in the public domain.

  • Chlu provides a set of protocols for customer and vendor wallets as well as marketplaces.
  • These reference implementations are open sourced.
  • Chlu does not charge any commission on top of the blockchain miners fees.

Meet the Chlu Team

  • Brian McSweeney

    Brian is a computer scientist entrepreneur who has founded successful startups and held tech leadership positions for Fortune 500 companies. He holds a MSc in Distributed Systems.

    Read BioLinkedIn
  • Kulpreet Singh, PhD

    Kulpreet is a distributed systems PhD from Trinity College Dublin, where he developed a novel consensus protocol. He has founded startups in online gaming and online marketplaces.

    Read BioLinkedIn
  • Stephen McSweeney

    Stephen is an executive leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies. He holds a MSc in Multimedia Systems.

    Read BioLinkedIn
  • Andronikos Nedos, PhD
    Smart Contracts and Storage

    Andronikos co-founded FieldAware and holds a PhD from Trinity College Dublin. His thesis produced a novel gossip protocol for consensus in disconnected networks.

    Read BioLinkedIn
  • Hitesh Tewari, PhD

    Hitesh is Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin’s School of Computer Science and Statistics, where he has published extensively on cryptography, blockchains and online payments.

    Read BioLinkedIn
  • Cassidy Daly
    Token Economy and PR

    Cassidy is an expert in international finance with a Master's from Columbia University. Her research on interest rates is regularly read by senior central bankers around the world.

    Read BioLinkedIn
  • Enrico Fasoli
    Decentralised Content Networks

    Enrico is a computer scientist from italy with a strong passion for open source software and peer to peer distributed systems. His recent projects include IPFS Boards and IPFS Drive.

    Read BioGithub
  • Frank LaRocca
    UX Design

    Frank is a design guru and front-end expert. He specializes in user interface design for the web, mobile applications and installations.

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  • Max Toryanick
    Front End Developer

    Max is an experienced senior full-stack developer with experience in mobile (React Native), server back-end solutions (Node.js, Ruby on Rails), and modern front-end frameworks (Angular, React).

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  • Jesse Middleton

    Jesse is a General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners, an early executive at WeWork, co-founder and CEO of Backstory, husband, father, entrepreneur, technology evangelist, investor, mentor and lifelong hacker.

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  • Garry Lyons

    Garry is Chief Innovation Officer for MasterCard where he leads digital payments and MasterCard Labs, overseeing emerging digital payments solutions.

    Read BioMasterCard
  • Raymond Cunningham, PhD
    Peer to peer networks

    Raymond is FieldAware VP of Engineering and one of its founders. He completed a Doctorate in Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin receiving a patent for peer-to-peer live streaming research.

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  • Publish v1 Chlu Protocol
    November 2017
  • February 2018
    Publish Protocol Implementations &
    Chlu Storage Network Whitepaper
  • Alpha Claim Your Reputation
    May 2018
  • June 2018
    Flexhire Integration
  • Decentralized Identifier and Verifiable Credentials Integration
    August 2018
  • October 2018
    Chlu Demo Wallet
  • Airdrop
    November 2018
  • Q1 2019
    Token Sale
  • Additional Crypto Support
    Q2 2019
  • Q2 2019
    Additional Marketplace Integrations
  • Alpha Chlu Token Search Ecosystem
    Q2 2019